If you do not have MATLAB on your computer, download the following version:

DOWNLOAD – Reference Creator – version 1.2 – Windows 64bit – WITH MRC

If you already have MATLAB, the executable can be downloaded here:

DOWNLOAD – Reference Creator – version 1.2 – Windows 64bit – WITHOUT MRC

The first version will also install the MATLAB Compile Runtime (MRC) in order to run the software in a machine without MATLAB. MRC is quite heavy (420 MB), so it may take long time to install.

Reference Creator is developed only for Windows.

The first time you run the application it may take a long time to start. Just be patient as this does not mean it has frozen!

For information about recognized citations please visit the INSTRUCTION  page

LATEST VERSION: 1.2 – 01/03/2016

  • The command urlread has been replaced with webread.
  • When the found authors names are compared with the cited ones, every non-letter character is deleted. This will improve the recognizion of some names with a dash character in the middle

1.1 – 17/07/14

  • When the user clicks “Find!”, a rough time estimation for the reference list creation is shown.
  • In the previous versions, the citations with et al. (with the dot) were not recognized. This has been fixed now.
  • In the previous versions, the number of double matches (and the related warnings) were overestimated. This happened because Mendeley may have more than one version of the same paper, leading the software to think that there are two papers with the same year and author list. This has now been fixed, and multiple papers with the same doi are excluded.
  • The software has some problems in dealing with special character, like ö or à. I suppose the reason is that MATLAB use the ASCII encoding system. Most of the times, names that contain these characters will not be found.
  • Even thought the citation in the format “Ratcliff (2001, 2002)  are correctly recognized and organized as two different citations, the software cannot match the citations with a letter after the year, as in “Ratcliff (2001a, 2001b)”. In this case, only “Ratcliff (2001)” will be recognized as a citation.
  • I have found at least one article where the in-text citations do not contain a comma after the author’s name, e.g. (Ratcliff 2001). In this case my software does not recognize the citation. I am not sure if I should correct this, because it could bring several false positive.

OLD VERSION (for Windows 32/64 bit)

Reference Creator V 1.1 32/64 bit

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